April 01, 2014

Travel Diary: Obertauern

Long time no see! M has been so busy these days: school, driving licence, work, sport, etc. It all comes together at some times, but now since it is almost Easer break things are getting nicer and more relaxed.
This weekend I had such a great time going on a team building trip with my work. I guess we are a pretty good team beacuse the actual team building only took like 2 hours. We went to Obertauern in Austria and stayed at a very nice hotel in the mountains. There was still a lot of snow so we did a snow shoe hike which was really nice, although we were all a little bit shattered from the night before.

beautiful scenery

champagne on top


The night before we went to a apres ski club where first we ate chicken wings, ribs and potato wedges and then we started with wine, champus and shots, it was a long night but it was so much fun spending time with my team. We didn't sleep much that night but the breakfast the morning after was so delish!After breakfast we had two hours of team building which was actually a lot of fun, although it doesn't sound like it. Later we had lunch and then we did the snow tour. We had really nice guides who were funny and very talkative. The drinking went on while we were on the "Alm" for apres ski and then we went down again. We had dinner at the hotel which included Beef Tata, steak and co. and afterwards headed back home to Salzburg. We had such a nice time and I would have loved to saty a bit longer. GOOD BYE Obertauern, it was really nice!

Me and my colleague
How was your weekend? Hopefully you didn't eat and drink as much as M did ;) spread the love and keep up that Merry Attitude!


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