January 04, 2015

Review: Lebe Pur Smoothie Powder

Lately M. has been trying out the smoothie powders by Lebe Pur which are made out of 100% natural dried and finely grounded fruits and vegetables. They are organic, vegan and good for any stressful morning where you don't have a lot of time to prepare breakfast.

From all the flavors that are available I chose the Spinach one and the black chokeberry one. I bought them at my local grocery store but they are also available online:


The directions are quite simple: all you need to do is to take about 1-2 Tablespoons of the powder and any sweetening fruit like an apple or a banana and puree it with 200ml of water. I used an apple and instead of pure water i mixed it with 100ml of hazelnut milk, which actually made it taste really good.

About my personal opinion: I actually really liked the simpleness of the preparation, because just adding a tablespoon of powder to my smoothie is way easier than defrosting, washing, cutting fruits and vegetables.
I also think the price was quite acceptable, which is very unusual for such special products at an organic grocery store. Both were each about 7€ and the spinach one includes 125g while the chokeberry one weighs 150g. And because you always just need 1-2 Tablespoon per smoothie it will probably last up to 12 servings which makes it about 60c per serving.

One thing I didn't enjoy as much, and which maybe be the most significant, was the actual taste of the smoothie. I don't know if it was because of the powder or because of the apple, but the smoothie had these little bits in it and wasn't totally smooth, how I would rather prefer it. Also, the smoothies needs to be stired well before every sip, because otherwise these little bits will sink to the ground and you will have an unpleasant surprise at the end.
Lastly, one thing I have to say is, that I can imagine that the smoothness would be better if you use a banana instead of the apple, because smoothies with bananas are generally very smooth and fine.

All in all, I will probably use the powder on some days, because it is quite convenient when you are in a hurry in the morning and it didn't taste as bad as it might have sounded. But when I have time I still prefer the old school method with using fresh vegetables.
Also, I might try the banana so i can get rid of the bits in my glass.
I don't know if i will repurchase the product because I am not 100% positive about it, but I think it is definitely worth a try if you are a smoothie lover who tends to hit the snooze button a little too often!

Wish you an amazing, lovely Sunday and don't forget your Merry Attitude!


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