January 04, 2014


The first step is always the hardest but nevertheless we decided to risk it.
With this blog we want to share all the good and sweet things of life with you, what inspires us, what excites us and what makes us smile.  We are just two normal girls who want to make the world a little brighter with the Merry Attitude. Our idea for the blog-name didn't just drop out of the sky rather we did a lot of brainstorming to find the perfect one which fits our blog-themes and also has a meaning to us. Since we two are positive and happy all the time, see something good in everything and also one's name of ours starts with a M we thought Merry would be very suitable. As you might guess the other one's name starts with an A so Attitude immediately came to our minds because a Merry Attitude is something everyone should have.
If you share the same interests, wishes and goals be part of our blog and have a Merry Attitude with us!

M & A

Merry together whilst traveling

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