January 05, 2014

Staying Active

Sport never was such big thing for us but lately we're really into it. Sadly we are not blessed to have bodies with a super fast metabolism so we have to work hard to get/stay in the shape we feel comfortable in. Fortunately we are members of the same gym so we can always work out together which makes everything more joyful and we can motivate each other, sometimes to the limits.

For A fitness became interesting a year ago when she had to recover from a leg injury. She had to go to a fitness trainer twice a week and there learned to love to be active. Now she goes to the gym once or twice a week but also does some Youtube-workouts at home. In her opinion Cassey Ho on  Blogilates has the best and the most motivating videos and A tries to do one every day (not completely possible but it's the thought that counts).

M started her fitness-journey a little bit later because she has been in America for one year. But now she goes to the gym at least three times a week to catch up with A. Besides she also does Cassey's videos because they are not that long but afterwards it feels like you just did a one-hour bootcamp for soldiers. So we both can really recommend Blogilates!

A doing a workout at home
What we both also really love are these colorful hair ties. Though we don't know how there are called (you can write us in the comments if you know it) these beauties are always with us when we work out. They keep our hair away from our face without damaging it when we pull it off and that's really amazing. We have them in many different colors to match them with our training clothes what makes working out even more fun.

Now it's your turn! Tell us how you work out or what you do to keep yourself fit. And remember to have a Merry Attitude.

M & A

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