January 11, 2014

Nail polish talk

Which girl doesn't love it? Nail polish is one of the most bought makeup things ever! We have it in different colors and finishes to make our nails pop everyday. Today A wants to show you her four favorite nail polishes which she thinks never get out of style.

In her opinion Essie makes the best polishes. They last very long, are super easy to put on and also the color availability is huge. Especially red tones are A's go to, so Bahama Mama (pinky red) and Bordeaux (deep red) are a really good option if you want your nails to shine and look amazing. These two colors are also very versatile since they fit every season season and every occasion (from casual to dinner night).

If you are looking for a more unremarkable color then Sew Psyched is yours! It's very nice military green one which will make yours nails a little eye-catcher without being too bold.

Last but not least A wants to show you the best Nail Hardener in the world. It's the Nail Envy by OPI and she has to say that she is surprised how good it works. Her early experience with OPI wasn't that good, the nail polishes didn't last, they cracked and the overall impression wasn't really what we call a "Buy again"-impression. But this Nail Envy makes A's nails so strong that it seems she could to everything with them. They don't split anymore and the upper nail polish lasts much longer than usual (she also uses the nail hardener as base coat).

So this was A's nail polish Top 4, now tell us what your favorite nail polishes are and don't forget to have a Merry Attitude! (even if you are just now painting your nails, like A does)

M & A

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