January 12, 2014

Weekend Summary

This was A's most coziest day since weeks. She was always up on her feet, had to do stuff, learn for school or was at the gym to work out. But this Sunday she just relaxed and had a little quality time.


Dinner was a huge Black Bean and Potato Plate inspired by Oh she glows and it was amazing! A will definitely cook it again. For dessert she had a homemade Chocolate Chai Cake which reminded her a lot of fall and winter (even though it seems like spring is already here in Austria)


This amazing song by the sound you need was nonstop playing today. Worth giving a quick listen!


The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, and A has to admit that this is one of the most compelling books she has ever read. She is reading it in English to fully understand an see how Dan Brown writes and is very impressed that he is able to write as she is part of the story. If you are a bookworm like A this book should be on your "books to read"-list (if you haven't read it already).


Sundays are also good days for Onlineshopping since the shops don't have open on this day so A splurged a little bit to get herself a new pair of jeans and a new candle for her bedroom. Maybe you will find the two things in some later posts.

So this was A's Sunday, what did you do on this relaxing day before heading back to school/work/etc.? Let us now and don't forget to have a Merry Attitude!


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