January 18, 2014

Beauty talk: Our favorites

Busiest week since ages! There was so much school stuff to do, catching up with friends and gym time. But finally we have a new post for you. Today it's all about our beauty favorites which we use in our daily-makup routine and which we never want to miss anymore.

Kiehls BB Cream

Probably many of you know this BB cream and we also hype this product as much as others do. During the summer it was our go-to product which was always with us. It not only makes your skin flawless it also spends moisture and has SPF. As far as we know they are available in three different shades and we both have the light one (yes, we are like little vampires. Even in the summer!) So we can only recommend to give this magic cream a try and convince yourself that this is the best thing.

Mac Studio Finish Concealer

It is an eraser for skin blemishes. Literally! We don't know which hero invented that stuf but he or she must be celebrated. This Mac concealer covers up any imperfections and together with the Kiehl's BB cream our skin looks like fresh from the beauty salon. The concealer comes in a little can what it perfect for your makeup bag and also the durability is mind-boggling. We would have ours for one year now (if M hadn't lost hers) and we (in this case A) still haven't reached the bottom.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

As we already said we are not blessed with a beautiful tan so we we have to help ourselves with bronzer. We tried many but they were either too orange, too glittery, too dark and so on. But then we decided to splurge on the Hoola Bronzer (yes, it's not the cheapest one) but it is worth all the money. It seems that it fits every skin tone without looking like a painted Barbie and that's what we want.

almost empty..

Maybelline New York Blush

This Maybelline blush in FLASH PLUM is A's favorite one. It is a dark rosé tone with a touch of plum and just the right amount of shimmer. For A it's important that she doesn't look fake so this blush is perfect for her since it is not that pigmented. It only gives your cheeks a healthy glow and then you're ready to go.

Mac Eye Shadow

And lost but not least we have this eyeshadow which we saw on Vicky's blog. We instantly fell in love with the color and also had to get it. HONESTY is honestly one of the prettiest shades Mac sells and it's perfect during the day since it only gives your eyes a nice golden shimmer. If you want to wear it for a party eve we suggest to pare it with some deep browns to really give your eyes enough significance for the night.

Now you know which beauty products we are addicted to but we also want know what's your opinion on make up? Tell us and don't forget to have a Merry Attitude

M & A

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