January 20, 2014

Weekend Summary

Sundays are M's favorite days of the week, because they are the only ones she has off (work). This Sunday was actually not quite busy for her although she should have done more out of the time than she did (lazy girl, you know).

One of the highlights for M on a sunday is usually the breakfast. These days she seems to absolutely love banana-protein pancakes. They are just too delicious, so super healthy and the best part is that they keep you full until lunch (recipe will follow).

After the breakfast which was about 10 o'clock M went for a little walk with her two dogs. It was a beautiful sunny day, but it seemed more like a fall day because there wasn't any snow at all (winter where are you?). It was still amazing to enjoy the sun and get some Vitamin D from it.

Hunter Boots to keep the feet warm and dry

Of course there are always things to do, so decided to work on her dance project for school. She doesn't like dancing too much but sometimes it can be really nice to turn on music and just dance. To disengage from all the stress and pressure and forget everything for a little moment, kinda like yoga. She actually got pretty far and finished the piece (Yippi!).

In the early evening still didn't feel like she had done enough sports for today, so she went for a nice run outside. This can be so refreshing, especially in-between study breaks, because it calms you down and frees your mind. While running she listened to the sports playlist which we showed you in our Music Favorites post.

She finished the day with a nice soothing, relaxing bath and a cup of her favorite tea (Minty Mint by Bioteaque).

Hopefully your sunday was a lovely as M's was. Don't forget to spread love and have a Merry Attitude!

M & A

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