January 26, 2014

Weekend Summary

Weekend is almost over so it's time again for the Sunday Summary. We both think that this two days past way to fast and we could easily enjoy a few days more off from school (everybody's allowed to dream...). Anyway, today it's A's turn to review her weekend and tell you what she's done.


On Friday M and I wanted to try out a new course at the gym called Deep Work. But as always we were too late so we had to workout normally since we there wasn't any space left in the course room. It hadn't been bad when we weren't at a new gym where we've never been before but this new gym was awful! Either they hadn't got the equipment we are used to or the things we are using were occupied. So we stayed there for one hour, doing our moves (without the equipment) only half-heartedly. Never ever this gym again!

We had more luck saturday evening when we went to our usual gym and tried Ashley Borden's roll-out workout. This kind of training should relax your muscles, increase flexibility and reduce the appearance of cellulite (sounds very good to us). On Ashley's homepage you can download the workout plan with an easy instruction for free, the only thing what you need then is a foam roller.

So we tried it and damn it that hurts! It really doesn't look difficult or exhausting but it really really hurts and you can truly feel how tight your muscles are. 
But we absolutely love are the results! It feels like you just had an overall-body massage and are relaxed and calm. We can only recommend this kind of workout to stretch the muscles you wouldn't reach normally to see the best result from your other workouts.


This weekend was absolutely food heaven for me. I did a lot of cooking and everything turned out very delicious (and pretty haha).

On friday I had a huuuuge salad for lunch/dinner. It was normal leaf-salad on the bottom and then topped with carrots, bell-pepper, tomatoes, avocados and shrimps. And I love shrimps so it was twice as yummy.

On Saturday I had falafel as a pre-workout lunch. On the side with a sheep-yogurt sauce it was simple  and easy to make but totally mouth-watering. 
TIPP: If you make falafel toss them in sesame (I used black sesame) to make them ever more crunchy.

In the evening I also made some homemade, healthy and clean chocolate rice-waffles to have something I can snack on during watching Donna Leon (german crime series taking place in Venice).
But then I wanted something a little sweeter and I also treated myself with honey waffles (I LOVE THEM!).

And Sunday was (healthy) pizza day. I made a cauliflower-broccoli crust pizza topped with mushrooms, tomatoes and parmesan. Mouth-watering!

The rest of the weekend A did nothing special, just some school stuff, cleaning her room and doing beauty things (post about that will be up soon). But now we want to know what you did during the weekend! Tell us and don't forget to have a Merry Attitude.

M & A

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