February 01, 2014

Saturday Night Plans?

Every week the same question is asked: Should I go out on saturday night or do I stay in? We never know what to do, on one hand we love to go out with our friends but on saturday nights it's also nice to stay at home and have a relaxing nice pamper evening. What's the better decision though?

Firstly, it needs to be said that going out is always more expensive than staying in. If you go to watch a movie you're gonna pay more than watching a dvd at home. Also going out to have a nice dinner or party will cost more than heating up some pre-made pizza and drinking a glass of cheap wine. But of course, we all wanna feel fancy sometimes and just wanna have fun.

However, with going out, especially to a party or a club, you have the chance to meet people. You make new friends or meet your old ones you haven't seen in like forever and that's a thing we always enjoy. Being out at night really pushes your social interacting with people to your limit. Even when you are not a very out-going person, there are always people who will start talking to you.

In this next point M can really talk from experience: Loosing or breaking things while being out.
This is like one of the worst things that can happen. When you are out all night, and maybe had one or two glasses too much and just can't pay too much attention to everything that's happening around you anymore. And then someone grabs the phone, you just put down on the bar table for a few seconds and it's gone. Probably forever! Or you didn't notice that there was another stair and you trip and fall with the new phone in your hand and the screen cracks. You know when things like these happen you just can't go back and change the past, but of course this can really ruin the mood and the whole night. The only advice M can give you, be more careful with your things, and if it still transpires, you know, sh*t happens sometimes! Don't worry it happened a lot to M.

Now to the saturday night pamper evenings. Those can be really nice too and there is of course way less to worry about. You can just get into your bathtub with your favorite bath essence and light some scented candles or get into your cozy blankets with some hot chocolate and watch your favorite TV show or movie. Doesn't this sound very good too? If you are not convinced yet, here are some of our favorite things to have have on chill-out saturday nights.

Our Favorite Hot Chocolate Recipes:


M's Favorite TV Series right now: 

Keeping up with the Kardashians 
(doesn't really watch that many TV series, especially not this one) 

M's Favorite Relaxing Essentials:

Oatfix by Lush


Shea Sugar Body Scrub by Tree Hut


Secret of Beauty Bathoil by Kneipp


Home Sweet Home Candle by Yankee Candles (A also loves them)


All in all there is to say that everyone needs to find the balance between the going-out and the staying-in saturdays. Too much of one thing isn't good either. But tonight we are definitely going out since we have to celebrate M's birthday. So hopefully you will also enjoy this and each and every of your saturdays. Stay lovely and have a Merry Attitude.

M & A

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