February 02, 2014

Weekend Summary

This week it was M's birthday week as you might know. The whole week was super awesome but also very stressful, thats why M had a nice relaxing sunday.

got up very late this morning because she was in a huge lack of sleep. First thing she decided to do is going for a nice run to refresh her body and feel good. This week M was able to do a sport almost everyday except saturday so she felt kinda accomplished.

Today M wore a pastell pink shirt by H&M with a shortsleeve cardigan by Zara paired with some black leggins and some black/white pattern shorts by Forever21. Her favorite part of the whole outfit were her shoes though which are from Nike and costed 16€ instead of 70€. Sweet right?

In the afternoon her family and her went out for her birthday dinner to a restaurant with american food. It was not the healthiest choice probably but if not for a birthday, when else should you eat a nice cheat meal?!

Her evening M is going to spend with watching football because this is a total must for her since she spent a year abroad in the U.S.

Hopefully your day was a lovely as hers. Stay classy and have a Merry Attitude.


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