February 05, 2014

Our Body Scrub

Since it is winter and cold outside our skin gets dry really fast. We try to moisturize it with tons of different creams but somehow it's still tensed and sensitive. But today we want to show you something what is a really skin-saver. It makes our skin smooth and fresh again, though it' super easy and cheap to make with things you always have at home. We talk about body and face scrub!

What you need:

  • olive oil
  • sugar
  • honey
What to do:

1. Just mix all the things together (we didn't measure anything) and put it in a can/box/etc.

2. Sprinkle your face/body with water

3. Rub the scrub in

4. Wash it off (you don't need any lotion afterwards)

(Your skin may feel a little bit oily but that settles in a few minutes)

We like to use this scrub once a week just to get rid of all the flakes of shed skins and to really give our body and face moisture again. Maybe the smell is a something you have to get used to because it smells like olive oil. But we promise your skin will thank you.
Enjoy the rest of the day, scrub your skin and while doing this don't forget to have a Merry Attitude!

M & A

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