February 07, 2014

Style 001

This is our first fashion post today and we are sorry in advance that the photos have such bad quality... But nevertheless A wants to show you some of her outfits she wore the past few weeks. We hope you like it and let us know if you want more fashion based posts.

Let's begin with this one. As you might guess it was way warmer outside when I wore this outfit (couldn't wear it now). I paired black leggings with a white blouse, brown riding boots, a fur vest (fake of course) and a leather jacket to keep me warm.

This is maybe one of my favorites. It not only includes my beloved UGGs, I also wore my fur jacket and my COS beanie to keep my head warm. Went like this to watch a movie (forgot which one haha)

I really love to go black in black since it is a color that fits every occasion. Here I wore a black jeans, black camisole and a black sequin cardigan for a party night out.

That's how I usually go to school. Grab a thick down-coat, my UGGs, a fancy scarf and I'm ready to go.

Lately I'm really into leather pants because they almost go with everything and give a little edgy thing to the whole look. Here I paired my pants with biker boots, a cute blouse, a huge knit and my black coat. Ready for a friends birthday dinner.

I recently bought this coat and I am so in love with it! It has this awesome fur lining which really makes it something special. This was just a casual outfit to grab a coffee with a friend of mine.

And this last outfit is from M's birthday party. I wore my leather pants with my biker boots again, a black down-jacket and a big scarf. I'm really into black haha.

So these were the outfits I wore the past time. I like wearing neutral colors like black, grey, brown and white and don't wear bold colors that often. My style could be described as an edgy-casual style with a touch of girly and my big style role models are Olivia Palermo and Linda from P.S. I love fashion. For me they have an excellent style and make the most out of basic pieces. Definitely girls to learn from.
So I hoped you like that kind of post and sorry again for the bad pictures. Don't forget to have a Merry Attitude and stay stylish!

M & A

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