February 22, 2014

Travel Diary: Vienna

If you follow A on Instagram you may have noticed that we went to Vienna. We started our short weekend get-away on friday and came back saturday midday. It wasn't the longest trip but we both really enjoyed it and had a great time in Austria's capital city.
In today's post we want to show you some photos of our Vienna trip and tell you what we did.

Schönbrunn palace
After lunch at Vapiano and some shopping we went to Schönbrunn. We strolled around, enjoyed the warmth of the sun and also took some outfit photos (post will be coming soon). The palace and its park is so beautiful and definitely worth a visit. When you walk up to the Gloriette you have a spectacular view over Vienna and just sitting on a bench in the sun inhaling a city's beauty is something we really like.

In the evening we went to the MQ to watch Swan Lake Reloaded. A has already seen it one year ago and thought that this was the best dance show she has ever seen so she gave M a ticket for christmas and her birthday (that's actually why we were in Vienna). It was really amazing and dancers were stunning! Afterwards we even bought the music, a mixture between classic - dub step because we loved it.

In the evening we went out and had a much fun. Of course we were kind of dead the next day but had to catch our train that left at 8 am. Nevertheless we both had a great time in Vienna and looking forward to going there soon again.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a Merry Attitude!



  1. Wow Vienna, such a nice city!
    @alex awesome cooking skills ;)

    PS. Nice blog, i wanna see more!!!