February 20, 2014

Breakfast Ideas

When it comes to food breakfast is our favorite meal of the day. Sometimes we even go to bed earlier just to kill the time until the morning yumminess. Breakfast is the most important meal because it gives you the energy you need for the day. Today we have 3 ideas you can try for your next breakfast.


Berry Oatmeal topped with dried bananas

This is probably our favorite thing to have for breakfast. Oatmeal is very versatile so that it never gets boring and it is also very healthy. We like to top/mix/pair ours with fruits, nuts and yogurt but there are so many other options so there is something for everyone.


Cinnamon Pancakes and fruit salad on the side

Pancakes with fresh fruits

When we have a little more time in the morning we love to make pancakes. You can also find healthy recipes which are better for your body because they fuel you with the right stuff. Our favorite topping is definitely fruits combined with some greek yogurt and apple sauce. Just so delish.


Sandwich with chili-bean sauce, camembert and avocado

Sandwich with cheese, salad and fried egg

If you want something savory in the morning we can really recommend sandwiches. But not sandwiches made out of white bread and unhealthy stuff but a corny black bread topped with cheese, avocado, salad and tomatoes. This baked in the oven for several minutes is a very good way to start the day healthy and with a lot of energy.

Sandwich with avocado, cheese, salad and tomatoes

Of course we also want to know what you usually eat for breakfast and if you either like to have something savory or sweet in the morning. And don't forget to have a Merry Attitude, even in the morning when you're still tired and your only thought is your bed.


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