February 17, 2014

Weekend Summary

It's Sunday again so it is time for a new Sunday Summary. Today A reviews her last weekend of the semester holidays and tells you how she spent it.

Saturday's breakfast (lately I'm so 
On Saturday my sister and I had an amazing time. We met after breakfast and walked up the "Kapuzinerberg" which is a small mountain in the middle of Salzburg's old town. We took some photos and had a long talk about life and everything that moved us in the last time. Afterwards we enjoyed lunch and relaxed in our garden while fueling with sun. In the afternoon I made crepes with ice-cream (ohh how I love dessert!) and in the evening I met M at the gym to have our usual workout session.


Awesome view from on top of the "mountain"

Saturday's outfit

Sunday M and I went for brunching at a nice old cafĂ© and afterwards watched Jeune et Jolie in the cinema. It's a really good french (as you can tell) movie and I only recommend watching it. Around 2pm we went to have ice-cream and at home I ate again haha. So Sunday was my food day what I really enjoyed and sometimes is really nice to have.

Banana milkshake to end my food-day
This was my weekend which I really really enjoyed. The weather was except on sunday beautiful so that I could catch a lot of sun and also had my first Vespa-ride of the year. So double-yeah for this weekend!

Tell us what you did and we hope you had a Merry Attitude.



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