February 14, 2014

Happy Birthday

Better late than never, right? Because M. has been pretty busy the last few weeks the Birthday Summary is a bit late but HERE IT IS!

First thing in the morning M woke up to lots of birthday wishes the cutest one of her best friend A. on the blog. Then she got a supercute birthday breakfast with chocolate cake and latte macchiato from her mom while opening the presents. The best one so far was something M. wished for since she was young: her very own Louis Vuitton bag. She also got a blush and a concealer by MAC and diverse little things like cute body soap, lotions, etc. She was glad and happy about all of them.

Next thing after school, M. and her family went out to a barbecue lunch at a very nice restaurant where she hasn't been since like two years. It literally tasted so good and yummy, but it probably wasn't the healthiest choice... oh well, it was a special day.

In the evening, M. had a little get together with some of her friends. Drinks, snacks, a lot of chatting and Sing Star was what is was all about. What a nice way to end the day.

The next day, which still counts as birthday was also very nice. Firstly M. had to work until 5 p.m. but when she got out she went for a nice dinner with her friends again (actually they should have been at least 7 people but only two showed up, you know "Real Friends"). It was very nice to spend time with the two though. Afterwards, they went into the city for a few more drinks and it ended up being a great night out.

On sunday which was the last day of the birthday weekend M. and her family went out for lunch again. The visited a very nice place called B306 in Inzell in Germany which was all about american food. They had amazing entrees and cocktails, supertasty main dishes like burgers and steak and finally also very good desserts like brownies and cheesecake. M. had a chickenburger with fries and a dish called "chocolate to die for" which was kinda like a brownie with chocolate inside and outside of it, JUST SO DELISH! (more details on the sunday summary post)

This was a very nice birthday weekend and although there was probably way too much unhealthy food and drinks involved, it was a pretty awesome birthday and should be repeated next year again.

Stay pretty and don't forget to keep up your Merry Attitude!


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