March 09, 2014

Review: Sony G Lens

Today we have something special for you. Today it's not about fashion, beauty or food but it is about technology. Yeah you read right. On this post we'd like to review one of Sony's new G lenses.

The special thing about this lens is that you can attach it to your smartphone. So you don't need to bring your heavy camera anywhere you go, you just take the G lens (which is also very light), stick it to your phone and you're ready to take high quality photos.

Before you start working with this lens you have to download an app to control the camera. Then the lens connects via WIFI with your mobile and the fun begins. Unfortunately the connection isn't the best one and sometime it happens that the preview-screen on your phone sticks. But with a little patience and a very steady hand you get pictures like you would get with your digital camera.

handy and light lens


Personally we would't buy this G lens although it is super convenient and fun to shoot photos with it. But we already have so many technical gadgets that it probably ends up in some corner, hardly ever used. Nevertheless is it a good invention and for you technic-freaks out there a thing to try.

We hope you liked a (kind of different) post and always have a Merry Attitude!



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