March 11, 2014

Weekend Summary

There wasn't any Sunday Summary in a while so it's A's time for a new one.

The last weekend I spent my time in Corinthia with my family because so many members celebrated their birthday (march is a birthday-month somehow).
So after school on friday we went straight to Klagenfurt to my Granny's place. There we had a super yummy dinner with lots of cake and sweets.

last snow on the "mini mountain"

Saturday was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and there were absolutely no clouds. That was the reason why we decided to go for a walk on a small nearby mountain. On top we had lunch and in the evening my Granddad and I went to see American Hustle. I really liked this movie, the actors played great and the time the movie takes place was also fascinating.

The next day was big family day. We went to a slovene restaurant which was once a school. They had the most amazing brunch I ever ate. The food was set on the table for everyone easy to reach so there wasn't any buffet. It was a really comfortable and familial atmosphere and the staff and cooks were very attentive and charming.

we all sat at a long table

enjoying fresh strawberries and a glass of wine
In the end of the day I really really really enjoyed this weekend. I met my whole family again (usually we are spread up all over Austria) and we had a lot of fun together.

I hope you also had such pleasant weekend and didn't forget to have a Merry Attitude!



  1. Sieht nach nem gelungenen Wochenende aus :)
    Schöner Post!