April 19, 2014

Travel Diary: Istanbul

As you might have already seen on Instagram A spent the last couple of days in Istanbul. The things she experienced were amazing so today it is time to show them to you. (Be aware, there are tons of photos)

in front of the Blue Mosque

On the first day me and my family had a quick breakfast at our adorable hotel because we had to catch our boat to make a Bosporus Tour. There we got our first impressions about Istanbul and I also took the change to take pictures of the beautiful "skyline".

After we had solid ground under our feet again we were really hungry because of all this sightseeing we grabbed a fresh fish burger. The awesome thing is that these burgers are prepared and sold out of a boat. So funny to look at!

holy moly was that good 
After we were filled up again we made our way to the famous Spice market where we were very impressed by the mass of people buying dried herbs and fruits and the smell of the delicious spices. Although we just had lunch we couldn't resist to try some of the food the many sellers offered us.

traditional turkish bread called "simit"

fresh pomegranate juice

Since mosques are Istanbul's landmark we had to visit several, obviously. My mom and I had to cover our hair (otherwise we would not be allowed to get inside) and off we went. The mosques we visited were really beautiful with amazing detailing and architecture and we could really feel the spiritual atmosphere. For me the best thing was when we visited the Sakirin Mosque which was designed by a woman and is now one of the modernist mosques in Istanbul. Also only women are allowed to enter it and men have to stay outside. So when we came to the Sakirin Mosque there was a mass running and we had the chance to join it. It was a really remarkable experience! All the women were so nice and there was a really familiar atmosphere, everybody greeted each other and sang religious songs together. I wish catholic masses were like this.

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

Sakirin Mosque

Sakirin Mosque
When you're in Istanbul a must-see is also the sunset over the Bosporus-river. When the whole river sparkles, the mosques contrast from the golden horizon you know you saw Istanbul at its fullest.

All in all Istanbul is an amazing city and I can't wait to come back! Even though it has such a huge population you can always find a spot where you can calm down again and just inhale big-city air mixed with the freshness of the Bosporus. For me it would also be a nice city to study in since there are many young people and live would never get boring.

So now to you! Have you ever been to Istanbul and when yes, how did you like it? Tell us and always have a Merry Attitude (especially when traveling)!


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