July 31, 2014

Where have we been?

First of all: We are sooooo sorry that there hasn't been one post in over four months (unbelievable how fast the time passes)! There was a lot of going on in our lives. End of school, starting with our summer jobs and of course we both have a social life. So today is the day we just want to tell you how we are spending our summer holidays and what we are still planning to do.

A is doing an internship in a small B+B since the beginning of June but hasn't that much to work so she can enjoy the beautiful W├Ârthersee and work on her tan.

As far as it goes for M, she is working full-time for the same company she works every saturday during school.

But now to our big plans! We are going on an Interrail-tour through the north Europe on the 17th of August. So stay tuned for many pictures and impressions! We will sure post our Interrail-tips afterwards and a huge review about all the cities we've seen.

Until then enjoy the summer and have a Merry Attitude.


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