January 02, 2015

New Year, New Me?

Of course, since the new year started, everyone seems to think about new goals they want to reach or new challenges they want to overcome. Obviously not mentioning that these are probably the same ones they had last year and the year before as well...

Although we think this trend is a little overrated, we also thought about what to do with our lives in 2015. A lot happened the past year and things got very busy, thats also a reason why we didn't take as much care of our blog as we should have, but this is supposed to change this year...

Before we start listing all the "important" resolutions, it must be said that we probably won't even fulfill one of them totally. Sadly but truly it is impossible to be focused on the same goal for a whole year. We change everyday and so do our wishes for the future!

In addition, we usually expect way too much and overestimate ourselves. And in the end we catch us again laying on the couch and eating those delish tortilla chips, although we promised to eat clean and work out. It is the ugly truth and the human nature to slack and be lazy whenever we can.
But in fact life is too short to always worry about what is good and what is bad for us! The key is to start with little changes of our daily routine so we can slowly get used to them and adapt them. Then we can go further and further and finally achieve what we want!
Thats what we also kept in mind when we wrote down our new years resolutions thats why they are very simple but still challenging...

1. Do more of what makes us HAPPY!
This one is probably one of the classics, most people preach this every year over and over again. Still, it is one of the most difficult ones to fulfill, because the answer to happiness is not obvious and of course not the same for everyone. Some find it in reading a good book, some find it in travelling the world etc. The key is to find what makes oneself happy and if we haven't found it out yet, we keep trying new things until happiness makes its way into our lives on its own. Once it is there (and it always will be at some point), we can hold on to it by repeating the actions that brought it to us! Happiness is hard to understand at first, but then it is like riding a bike...

2. More Life, less Phones!
This one is pretty explanatory on its own. We want to spend less time on sitting, staring into screens and more time on interacting and actual living. We already know this will be a real challenge which probably won't be coped as well as we would like it to be, but like it has been said, small steps are the key to success and even 1 minutes less on the phone is better than none. Hints to achieve this resolution could be deleting senseless, time-consuming apps or leaving your phone at home when you really don't need it, it will maybe feel weird at first, but noone said it was easy...

3. Stay in touch with people who are truly good for you!
Surround yourself with people who love you and who trust in you and your goals. We don't need hatred or jealousy of fake friends in our life. We want to be with the other kind who help us out whenever we need it and who come to us for advice their worst times. This will make life so much easier and gets a lot of worries out of our way.

4. Be Realistic and Optimistic!
It happens a lot that we expect too much from ourselves and then we get disappointed when we fail. Of course failure isn't a good feeling, but it needs to be seen as a lesson we learned and we can do better the next time. Doesn't matter what it is, being realistic and optimistic is always important. It will improve self confidence and we can ALWAYS be proud of ourselves, whether we lost or won!

With this resolutions we will start our year 2015, wishing that we can fulfill them at least a little. Who knows, maybe this will be OUR year and no matter what, we will make the most of it!!! Don't forget to be good with yourself and to always have a Merry Attitude.

M & A.

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